The EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) is a management instrument developed by the European Commission for companies and other organisations to evaluate, report, and improve their environmental performance. EMAS is open to every type of organisation eager to improve its environmental performance. It spans all economic and service sectors and is applicable worldwide.

EMAS is voluntary and presents the highest level in environmental management systems

About EMAS


Implementation of EMAS includes having an existing environmental management system in place that satisfys the requirements of ISO14001.

Additionaly to this EMAS includes a few other features , the most prominant is the production of a yearly statement to the public and customers . The information in this statement includes environmental figures which are independently audited by a UKAS approved EMAS certification body.

Verification and Registration

Following the sucsesfull implementation and certification of an EMS that meets the requirements of 14001 the follolowing things will need to be done :

  • Preparation of an Environmental Statement - Your environmental statement must be written clearly, using language that the general public will understand.
  • Verification - Once your statement has been prepared, an independent environmental verifier such as NQA must ensure that it gives an accurate representation of your organisation and its activities and it fulfils the requirements of EMAS.
  • Validation - Once the independent verifier is satisfied that your statement and EMS meet the requirements, bearing in mind that changes may have been required, they will validate the environmental statement and supply you with a declaration on verification and validation activities.
  • Application - Once validated, you can forward the environmental statement, the declaration on verification and validation activities and the details of your site to the Competent Body responsible for the Regulation of EMAS in the EU Member State. In the UK, this is IEMA. A seperate application fee for this may be applicable.
  • Registration - IEMA will then register acceptance of the validated statement and provides your organisation with a registration number. Your organisation can then use the EMAS logo on the environmental statement and corporate literature (as described in Annex V of the EMAS Regulation).


The benefits from registration are similar to those of ISO 14001 with the addition of the benefit of the verified and publically available environmental statement.

The statement is a publication of environmental information, whose accuracy and reliability has been independently checked by an environmental verifier such as NQA, that gives EMAS and those organisations that participate in the scheme enhanced credibility and recognition.

EMAS could be used by your organisation to exploit new opportunities and market places using your validated environmental statement. EMAS demonstrates that you are serious about reducing your environmental impact and improving environmental performance

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